Secure and scalable food traceability ledger

The FoodChain

The FoodChain is a scalable and secure blockchain ledger for food supply chains. It is a permissioned blockchain built on HyperLedger technology.

Permissioned: Sending data to the blockchain needs permission.

Each month, millions of supply chain operations are registrated on the FoodChain, to provide transparency to millions of consumers around the world.

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How blockchain is used for supply chains

When companies present food products to their consumers, they make several statements about the product: it's organic, non-GMO, originates from a certain country, was processed in compliance with HACCP guidelines, etc.

Due to several reasons, the trust in many consumers have been fading during the recent years. So companies act to provide the proofs, that the statements they make about their products are true.

Farm-to-table traceability enables supply chain companies to submit their event data to TE-FOOD, registrate them on blockchain, while connecting the IDs to keep the data integrity.

The blockchain ledger contains the proof of the information entered by the different supply chain participants. The transparent, unmodifiable, and incorruptible approach of blockchain technology ensures consumers that the data can't be falsified by a food company.

How licencing works on the FoodChain

In order to use the FoodChain's decentralized traceability ledger, supply chain companies (or implementation partners) have to obtain the appropriate number of software licences. TFD is a tokenized software licence, based on Ethereum's ERC20 standard.

The utility of the tokenized licence is to provide eligibility for a certain number of transactions to be sent to the FoodChain. A tracking transaction involves the storage of data in the blockchain, allowing for tracking or further processing. By means of the transaction, data are retrieved or a tracking transaction is executed, i.e. a data set is written in the blockchain (read or write access executed).

TFD licence token

The FoodChain can only be used with a valid licence, held in the ERC20 compatible wallet of the customer, (or thee implementation partner).

Transaction potential

Each TFD entitles the holder to trigger a region specific number of transactions per day, called transaction potential.

TFD licence token information

Symbol TFD
Decimals 18
Contract address 0xE5F166c0D8872B68790061317BB6CcA04582C912
Contract address 0xE5F166c0D8872
Total/Max supply 1 billion TFD
Circulating supply 567 917 832 TFD


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